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“As an occupational physician, I regularly see the consequences of the lack of exercise and movement that result from the sedentary work and lifestyle so prevalent in today’s world. For balance, I recommend training that engages large muscle groups to avoid and prevent postural defects while still being fun and enjoyable.

In the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis, regular movement and activity of the joints without overloading them is essential. Most doctors recommend swimming, but many patients have limited confidence in water activities, showing no enthusiasm for this form of exercise.

The movement patterns used in wavebalance® therapy are modelled on the natural way fish swim and allow you to enjoy the benefits of movement in water <<dry>>, without being submerged. Through the water’s response to the patient’s own movement and in response to the resonance of the wave that the patient feels and to which they must adapt during the treatment, coordination and motor skills are exercised in wavebalance® therapy. This reduces the risk of falls and injuries – in sport, at work or at leisure.”


The wavebalance® system is used successfully in the Sonnenalp Resort Spa & Golf Hotel. The spa therapists there use the BalanceFloater bed for massage, movement therapy and warm water treatments. “I was most convinced by the price efficiency index. We managed to depreciate the entire purchase cost of the system within a few weeks,” says Jörg Müller-Loennies, spa manager at the Sonnenalp resort.

The five-star resort in Allgäu offers its guests three signature treatments based on the wavebalance® method. “The spa therapists at Sonnenalp have long used the healing properties of water, but it is with treatments based on the wavebalance® technique that they have been able to achieve completely new effects in practice” – Jörg Müller-Loennies emphasises.

As a leader in wavebalance® treatments, the resort Sonnenalp achieves excellent economic results, and guests return to the resort precisely because of wavebalance®, wanting to be treated again to the healing properties of the water. “At the moment, we are working on integrating the wavebalance® technique into our relaxation and water recreation offer. This will be an ideal complement to our existing treatment offer, which – as the first market information indicates – will allow us to meet the expectations of our guests,” says Müller-Loennies.


The wavebalance® method encourages people to pay more attention to their lifestyle, but it is no magic cure-all that will ensure we live a healthy life without taking into account other factors affecting that health. The wavebalance® concept is a unique and innovative system that allows you to support the change of bad habits and the training of healthy lifestyle patterns in a committed way.

I congratulate Manuela Sonntag, the creator of the device and the method, for her creativity in the design and functionality of wavebalance®, especially as she has managed to base the entire product on the fundamental pillars of the wellness philosophy. After all, the holistic concept of wellness is all about practising skills that improve the quality of life in all its dimensions.

In many ways, Germany is a leader in wellness hospitality and in promoting health and wellness philosophies in business, but also in healthy eating and regular exercise and physical activity, and wavebalance® is part of this exciting lifestyle transformation.”

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