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Fitness or wellness facilities and health risk prevention centres are ideal places to create independent wavebalance® therapy rooms. Wavebalance® treatments integrate very well with therapeutic processes and individual treatment methods used in fitness and wellness centres. The wavebalance® system is very much oriented towards the particular treatment and thus offers excellent opportunities to create – together with physiotherapy specialists and trainers – an individual, original, branded and therefore unique fitness and wellness programme.


Water therapy without immersion

With the wavebalance® method, you can offer your Clients a water-based treatment without being submerged (i.e. dry).

The wavebalance® concept is an integrated and comprehensive programme of active movement – from a school of movement and relaxation with limited participation of a therapist or trainer, to a yoga massage (massage in clothing with elements of manual therapy), to a relaxing oil massage. The variety of applications allows you to meet the varied requirements and needs of the Client or Guest and allows you to prepare an individual treatment concept integrated with the cosmetic products you use in your salon daily.


A world of effective and comprehensive treatments

Wavebalance® Therapy is a world of effective and versatile treatments with an element of sensory experience and the unlimited possibility to create new, original massages, treatments and rituals.

Already the basic wavebalance® treatment offer is catered for individual Guests, couples and friends. The group therapy offer creates an attractive approach that attracts Guests all year round. Treatments adapted to the seasons and thematic packages (such as those for slimming, relaxation or spine school packages, etc.) prepared based on the wavebalance® concept can significantly enrich the treatment menu of any SPA. At the same time, they allow the facility’s

guests to try something new, have new experiences and discover their body’s full potential by learning the art of self-relaxation and intuitive movement.

With wavebalance®, you can easily make your Guests happy by guaranteeing them amazing massages that your Guests will always perceive as phenomenal!


Personal fitness and relaxation for hotel Guests

The wavebalance® system is a highly anticipated, innovative physiotherapy and wellness treatment concept that is an ideal enhancement to residence hotels’ basic spa & wellness offers. With its diverse application possibilities, the wavebalance® treatment offer can become an essential part of the uniqueness of your facility, differentiating it from competing facilities. The wavebalance® system (technology + method) offers Guests of all ages physical activity treatments, massages and deep relaxation. It also provides a unique opportunity to create treatments for people with reduced mobility and pregnant women.

Thanks to wavebalance®, it is possible to create a unique treatment programme for relaxation dedicated to business Guests after a tiring working day and special

relaxation packages as a flavour of the month and holidays. The world of wavebalance® experience is a world of unique, innovative and effective treatments. With the facility’s signature massage and movement pattern activities performed on the BalanceFloater bed, you can build a clear competitive advantage and long-term customer loyalty. The wavebalance® system is ideal for building relationships with your Guests! Feedback from more than 200 hotel Guests shows that Guests say they want to return to the facility because of wavebalance®.


Mobilises muscles, warms up, trains and relaxes

Wavebalance® therapy offers the possibility of gentle training without too much strain on the joints in various sections – strengthening muscles, endurance or improving and restoring motor coordination.

The wavebalance® method opens up a wide range of possibilities for training and movement therapy for the elderly, young people, and people with restricted mobility and disabilities. Excellent massages and self-training sessions warm up and prepare you for proper strength training. The wavebalance® system also offers the unique opportunity to train individually according to optimised movement patterns.

The wavebalance® method also provides training and massage to stimulate the metabolism, the lymphatic system and the connective tissue structure while giving the possibility to individually adjust the intensity of exercises for the cardio workout. Massage or self-training using a wavebalance® system can be successfully treated as a warm-up before the gym, reducing the risk of injury during further exercise. It is also ideal as a therapy after an intensive workout, which helps to achieve balance, relaxation and recovery, relax the musculature, and regulate and improve metabolic processes.

Facilities that have invested in several BalanceFloater beds have the opportunity to create unique active relaxation zones and create a range of group classes for individualised needs, such as a school of natural movement, a school for the spine, deep muscle strengthening or a school of auto relaxation. On this basis, the trainers are able to match the individual training goal with appropriate exercises that will allow Your Clients to improve their mobility and achieve the full metabolic function of the body.


Health, beauty and happiness

With WAVEBALANCE®, resting time itself becomes an absolute pleasure.

Water, heat, relaxation and a bit of movement present in wavebalance® therapy give the possibility to create an entire programme of relaxation and care for beauty salon clients. Masks, scrubs, wraps and other beauty and skincare treatments performed on a soft, heated water bed, which carries music and sounds in the form of soothing vibrations, become a unique and complete form of cosmetic treatment. Active wave movements used in wavebalance® therapy stimulate lymph flow, normalise blood circulation and activate metabolic processes. What’s more, all treatments can be performed in a comfortable position on your back, which has a very positive effect on your body, mind and soul.

On request, the sound system integrated into the BalanceFloater bed can transmit music and sounds that feel like gentle vibrations, which are transmitted throughout the body by the movement of the water and allow the person receiving the treatment to achieve deep relaxation and rest faster. Using wavebalance® in the beauty salon makes facial and body care a genuinely holistic experience and a complete relaxation session at the same time.


The wavebalance® method enables you to have a diverse experience that can be active, force-dynamic, relaxing and enjoyable at the same time or naturally restorative.

The wavebalance® system is:

  • using the motion of waves, smooth and vibrating treatments and massages for the whole body,

  • joint-protecting movement therapy based on movement patterns from nature, such as the movement of waves or the oscillation of water, and ideal movement training for people of all ages, treatments that stimulate and mobilise the forces that lie dormant in the body, and at the same time treatments that allow you to achieve deep inner harmony,

  • school of movement also in the standing position (while walking, running, standing or dancing),

  • individual health, stress and weight management programmes, training programmes for trainers and therapists.

The wavebalance® method has an impact on mental health conditioning through:

  • peace, relaxation, meditation,

  • sensitisation to self-awareness,

  • self-management of stress and achieving work-life balance,

  • relaxation and increased energy.

The wavebalance® system has an impact on physical health conditioning through:

  • improvement of motoric abilities of the body,

  • intensive training of connective tissue and muscles, strengthening postural muscles,

  • training of endurance, coordination and balance,

  • improvement of body perception and movement behaviour,

  • new, automated movement patterns daily,

  • joint-protecting cardiovascular training (cardio training),

  • the possibility of weight reduction,

  • prevention of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. The wavebalance®

Method has an influence on spiritual health through:

  • strengthening the capacity for self-reflection,

  • self-acceptance and self-realisation,

  • increased self-responsibility and sense of autonomy,

  • increased health awareness,

  • readiness to develop new attitudes towards the environment.

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