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  • the wavebalance® system is an innovative device and a therapeutic method in one; it is available in four application variants (Health & Medical, Spa & Wellness, Duo & Senses, Training & Relax) and offers infinite development possibilities,

  • the wavebalance® method reuses the healing properties of water, giving you new, exclusive, off-the-shelf treatments and the ability to create signature treatments by Your team to set your facility apart from the competition,

  • wavebalance® technology is a new and unique proposition that can be integrated into Your current offer without significant construction investments or operational disruption,

  • the standard treatment room is spacious enough to accommodate a BalanceFloater bed,

  • it only takes half a day to set up a BalanceFloater bed,

  • after the initial training, wavebalance® treatments can be successfully integrated into the current offer in the facility, and some of the existing treatments can be performed on the BalanceFloater bed,

  • the wavebalance® therapeutic system together with the BalanceFloater bed offers your clients an optimised treatment system and a school of movement, enabling them to prevent health risks and achieve a deep state of relaxation,

  • the wavebalance® system offers the possibility of performing treatments with and without the presence of a therapist,

  • thanks to the wavebalance® method and system, you will gain new massages and therapeutic treatments and complex beauty rituals, as well as a method of auto relaxation and movement therapy, which you can offer with a minimum of therapists,

  • we provide a ready to use the facility – a training team of wavebalance® physiotherapists, a ready to use marketing plan, and a ready to use treatment menu,

  • we support and accompany

  • Your project on request, both in the design and development phase and in the preparation of the system for set-up.

  • Sonnenalp Resort Spa & Golf is an example of a hotel that has successfully implemented wavebalance®. Spa therapists use the BalanceFloater bed for massage, movement therapy and warm water treatments. “I was most convinced by the price efficiency index. We managed to depreciate the entire cost within a few weeks” – Jörg Müller-Loennies, spa manager at the Sonnenalp resort.

  • Training for massage therapists, physiotherapists and beauticians takes place at the facility and is conducted by a training team of wavebalance® therapists; we make every effort to schedule the training to minimise the impact of the implementation of the system on the daily operations of the facility:

    • practical massage sessions are conducted in pairs on one BalanceFloater bed,

    • all practical sessions can be adapted to your facility’s treatment standards,

  • in addition to massage techniques, participants-therapists learn how to perceive and move their bodies more spontaneously and consciously using the wavebalance® technique; in addition, they learn how to professionally demonstrate and convey these skills to their Clients and Guests:

    • After a few training sessions, the exercises learned on the BalanceFloater can be combined with upright movements and adapted to the daily movement discipline; this is a fundamental prerequisite for a higher health awareness – both in terms of “saving” the therapist’s own body and in terms of effective and efficient impact on the recipient of the wavebalance® massage,

  • A therapist who uses the wavebalance® method in their work develops their skills by giving:

    • wavebalance® massages with or without oil – manual massage techniques and movements from head to toe,

    • massages in accordance with the 3D oscillation technique – touch techniques and their representation by water, using undulating and circular movement as the basic movement pattern in the human motor system,

  • Thanks to the use of oscillation and the physical properties of water, the wavebalance® system with BalanceFloater acts as a co-therapist during treatments (on the one hand, the therapist creates rhythmic ripples during the treatment, which are transmitted throughout the body of the person being massaged, and on the other hand, they are affected by the movement of the BalanceFloater bed, making the work of a real therapist easier).

  • the wavebalance® therapeutic system together with the BalanceFloater bed offers customers an optimized treatment system and a school of movement, enabling the prevention of health risks and achieving a deep state of relaxation; as a form of self-help, the wavebalance® school of movement significantly improves the quality of life:

    • „Prowadzenie aktywnego trybu życia jest łatwiejsze niż często zakładamy. Kiedy odkrywamy własną naturalną mobilność, staje się to praktycznie rzecz biorąc samo, mimochodem” – Manuela Sonntag, kreatorka wavebalance® i trener,
  • When performed on a BalanceFloater bed, wavebalance® exercises improve coordination and posture of the entire body, strengthen muscles supporting the spine and enhance our ability to relax,

  • wavebalance® offers a variety of treatments, including Ayurvedic treatments, Lomi Lomi massage, as well as facials and body wraps,

  • the wavebalance® system (technology + method) offers Guests of all ages treatments in the area of physical activity, massages and deep relaxation; it also provides a unique opportunity to create treatments for people with reduced mobility and pregnant women,

  • the wavebalance® system is an action on all levels – body, spirit, mind and senses:

    • during the treatment, Clients/Patients/Guests experience a strong dynamic and soothing sensation of floating and natural regeneration; the massaging effect of the water stimulates the circulation of all fluids in the body, and the person receiving the treatment absorbs the power of the waves and energises his/her whole body; the natural mobility of the body develops, the muscular system is strengthened and at the same time joints are relieved,

    • the wavebalance® technique activates the body’s own intelligence and self-awareness as support for activating the body’s own forces and self-healing processes; this, in turn, leads to an increase in inner harmony and the adoption of new, healthier movement patterns,

  • the built-in AkvaAura sound programme, which uses the oscillating properties of water to transmit music, is the only system in the world where the intensity and frequency of three separate zones below the water’s surface can be independently adjusted according to the needs of the Client or Guest; combined with special loudspeakers that use circular emitters to create a spatial-sound effect based on the principle of spherical dispersion, it enables the client to experience sound in a natural and profound way,

  • the wavebalance® therapeutic system is suitable for people of all ages and requires no prior preparation from the Client/Patient/Guest.

  • deep relaxation – a state almost like meditation,

  • introduction into a state of well-being, activation of creative potential,

  • a sense of weightlessness that supports the body’s natural ability to relax and unwind,

  • feeling safe, developing confidence, experiencing holistic touch,

  • increased awareness of one’s own well-being.

  • prevention of musculoskeletal disorders,

  • exercises to optimise movement patterns,

  • increased mobility, motility and flexibility,

  • improved muscle coordination, rhythm and stability,

  • enhanced awareness of posture and movement,

  • positive effects on many body systems (including musculoskeletal, lymphatic, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive).

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